Dealership in Slovakia has asked us to help with the correct Presentation of products under BMW's Visual Merchandising rules. We had to redefine the layout of the products at the store, the wall system and floor fixtures. And because the dealer used shop equipments that did not comply with the branding rules, we had to remove these equipment from the store and relocate products on other places of the store. Parts of our work included the removal of mistakes committed by employees, such as incorrectly replenished products, missing products which however have been in stock, poorly made Price Labeling technique on products and a bad layout of products. We trained the staff in basics of Visual Merchandising techniques to make their work much easier to the future.
  Dainese's dealerships in Poland and Slovakia have asked us to help them improve the Product Presentation, the correct layout of the assortment and the overall improvement of the customer environment. Both dealerships had a major flaws in displays and wall system settings. There was no logical a coherence flow between product categories that would intuitively motivate customers to buy complete riding clothes.

The first steps to make a complete turnaround for both showrooms were the correct setting of the wall system and floor fixtures, the repair of damaged parts, and the creation of components that would allow for improved settings and proper display. We removed the excesseve elements from the stores, set up a new product layout with the creation of focal points in the sight lines, which gave to the showrooms a new touch both in the look of the shop and in the overall impression of the complete offer of the assortment. Following steps in the basic principles of Visual Merchandising, we have improved a clarity of offer and have prepared an intuitive shopping environment for customers.

To help employees understand the changes and understand the Visual Merchandising training course, we have trained staff of both dealers in their native language.


The main objectives of the VM project were the practical compliance with VM standards and a Brand Philosophy of original ladies fashion from Greece.

The project took place in stores in the Czech and Slovak Republics, where we conducted practical VM activities to support sales, improve product presentations, and create unique customer enviroments that will motivate customers to buy and maintain a brand awareness and products through the visual side of the stores. Synergies with these activities were the search for original presentation techniques within established standards and the monitoring of their effectiveness on the customer.

Visual Expert has been collaborating with this team for a few years, and regularly visited all stores once a week to improve sales activities, made a product rotations and helping to the brand to launch new collections and realization of unique shop windows.


In a collaboration with the Textile House brand, Visual Expert has been involved in two projects.

In the first project, Visual Expert was asked to create at regular intervals an original dressing of mannequins in the shop windows of 11 Prague stores. Based on the themes of the individual collections, the Visual Expert team created original styles for 90 mannequins to inspire brand clientele to make more purchases and to spread the awareness of the brandd that even in Second Hand, customers can buy the products of the world's original brands and to make own wardrobe styling.
In the second project, Visual Expert is involved as an Interior Designer and VM Consultant for retail interiors of newly opened and refurbished stores. The goal is to create an original, enjoyable, and functional retail environment to become a unique customer base that will help the brand to maintain customers and increase retail sales.

The Visual Expert team has gained a greater interest in clients over the past six months in the shop windows, which leaded to higher sales and sales turnover.


The newly established Ritzy Bagz brand, which focuses on luxury hand-made leather products from workshops of Italian and Czech artists, has asked Visual Expert to create a design of original furniture that remained after the original owners of rented retail space at the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague. Part of the project was the creation of VM rules of arrangement for bags and accessories, and training of employees in VM skills and the art of sales.

Visual Expert designed and realized a unique transformation of the retail space where original furniture for the sale of chocolate products transformed into very original and highly representative furniture suitable for the exposition of luxury handbags with light details and the very simple to simple sales space turned into a pleasant shop with its own essence, Personal access and unique offer.

Part of the project included consultations on name of the new brand, logo design, price labels and decorations.


The Automotevropa brand, which is focused on the sale of second hand motorcycles and cars of premium brands, has asked Visual Expert to help resolve the new store project. Visual Expert has created a complete design of the showroom, including interior design - furniture, lighting, floors, equipment - up to the exterior of the building - coloring facades, location of banners, outdoor lighting, parking and shop windows. The second requirement was to create a VM project for a motorcycle shop and riding gear, fashion and complementary range. This section included an assortment plan, VM rules, shop layout, and customer service.

Visual Expert also provides practical support in VM to maintain set standards and deepen practical skills of VM.

Based on the points of the first project which has been proposed by Visual Expert, the Automotevropa brand was able to create a fully functional and very comfortable car showroom.

Jan Oříšek, Store Manager, said: "I did not know how much a customer's shopping decision making can be affected by VM rules and I am very happy for the help provided by Visual Expert."

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